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Past seminars
Title Speaker Date and Time Resources
Lighting up the Himalayas with stars: An Astrophotography journey. Angchuk Dorje (Indian Institute of Astrophysics Bengaluru) Thu, 14 March 2024, 10:30
Stretched horizon, replica trick, and off-shell winding condensate, and all that Indranil Halder (Harvard University) Wed, 13 March 2024, 15:30
Mean Field Dynamo: Beyond MHD Vinod Krishan (Indian Institute of Astrophysics Bengaluru) Wed, 13 March 2024, 11:00
Lava flows: defending lives and housing by theory, experiments and field data Herbert Huppert (University of Cambridge) Tue, 12 March 2024, 14:30
Cosmology without assuming a cosmology Luca Amendola (University of Heidelberg, Germany) Tue, 12 March 2024, 14:00
Constraining the abundance of Galactic compact objects with continuous gravitational waves Gopal Prabhu (IUCAA, Pune) Tue, 12 March 2024, 10:00
Constraining Exotic Matter in Neutron Stars Swarnim Shirke (IUCAA, Pune) Mon, 11 March 2024, 15:30
Escape in Open Dynamical Systems Nikita Agarwal (IISER Bhopal) Mon, 11 March 2024, 15:00
Online Bin Packing under Random Order Model Arindam Khan (Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru) Mon, 11 March 2024, 14:00
A Spinor proof of the positivity of the quasi-local energy in (semi-)Riemannian Geometry Puskar Mondal (Harvard University) Wed, 06 March 2024, 16:00
Looking for non-Abelian braiding in quantum Hall systems Kirill Shtengel (University of California) Wed, 06 March 2024, 11:00
Tales of cells sensors: through a cellular-biophysics lens Swadhin Chandra Jana (NCBS - TIFR, Bengaluru) Tue, 05 March 2024, 10:00
Computational Study of Fingering Instability due to an Instantaneous Chemical Reaction in a Porous Medium Priya Verma (Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru) Fri, 01 March 2024, 14:00
Stability and dynamics of convection in dry salt lakes Lucas Goehring (Nottingham Trent University, UK) Thu, 29 February 2024, 11:30
Manifold learning via sparse self-regularised transport Gilles Mordant (Georg-August-University of Goettingen) Tue, 27 February 2024, 16:00
The prospect of unravelling the physics of high-density matter: An astrophysical Perspective Ritam Mallick (IISER Bhopal) Fri, 23 February 2024, 14:00
Quantum Games Diptiman Sen (Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru) Thu, 22 February 2024, 15:45
Hearing the Universe Hum with Gravitational Waves at Pulsar Timing Array: astrophysical, cosmological and particle physics interpretations Anish Ghoshal (University of Warsaw, Poland) Thu, 22 February 2024, 15:45
On the role of particle-flow interactions in cloud microphysics Anubhab Roy (Indian Institute of Technology, Madras) Thu, 22 February 2024, 11:30
Page curve entanglement dynamics of free fermions: results from numerics and hydrodynamics Abhishek Dhar (ICTS - TIFR, Bengaluru) Wed, 21 February 2024, 15:45