Title Speaker Venue Date and Time
Triplet pairing mechanisms from Hund's-Kondo models - applications to heavy fermion superconductors Tamaghna Hazra (Rutgers University) Online and Madhava Lecture Hall Tue, 06 December 2022, 15:00
Testing the Sagittarius A* Spacetime Metric with the 2017 EHT Observations Prashant Kocherlakota (Harvard University, USA) Online & Chern Lecture Hall Wed, 07 December 2022, 11:00
A continuum theory for cytoplasmic streaming in the Drosophila oocyte Brato Chakrabarti (Flatiron Institute, Simons Foundation) Online and Emmy Noether Seminar Room Wed, 14 December 2022, 15:00
Waltzing binaries: Probing line-of-sight acceleration of merging compact objects with gravitational waves Avinash Tiwari (IUCAA Pune) Online Seminar Thu, 15 December 2022, 15:00
Josephson Junction of Nodal Superconductors Ranjani Seshadri (Ben-Gurion University, Israel) Online and Emmy Noether Seminar Room Tue, 20 December 2022, 15:00