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Past seminars
Title Speaker Date and Time Resources
Mechanics of Immersed Collision and Granular Systems Sumit Kumar Birwa (ICTS-TIFR, Bangalore) Mon, 11 November 2019, 16:00
Controlling contractile instabilities in the actomyosin cortex Masatoshi Nishikawa (Hosei University, Tokyo) Tue, 05 November 2019, 14:00
Correlations in multispecies exclusion processes Arvind Ayyer ( Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore) Fri, 01 November 2019, 14:15
Status of Soft Theorem in D=4 (Its classical limit and understanding as Ward identity) Biswajit Sahoo (Harish-Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad) Thu, 31 October 2019, 16:00
Odd viscosity and elasticity in active materials Debarghya Banerjee (Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organisation) Thu, 31 October 2019, 14:00
A study of OPE blocks and modular Hamiltonian in AdS_3/CFT_2 Suchetan Das (Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University) Wed, 30 October 2019, 16:00
Exploring gravitational-wave astrophysics: Source modeling, tests of  general relativity, and gravitational lensing Ajit Kumar Mehta (ICTS-TIFR, Bangalore) Wed, 30 October 2019, 10:00
Simplifying gravity by avoiding it: the tale of the double copy Siddharth G Prabhu (International Centre for Theoretical Science-TIFR, Bangalore) Fri, 25 October 2019, 16:00
Constraints on CFTs in large dimensions Abhijit Gadde, (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai) Thu, 24 October 2019, 16:00
An Entropy current on the large D membrane for Einstein Gauss-Bonnet theory Yogesh Dandekar (ICTS – TIFR, Bangalore) Thu, 17 October 2019, 16:00
Hydrodynamics of Active Defects: from chaos to defect ordering and patterning Suraj Shankar (Harvard University, Cambridge ) Wed, 16 October 2019, 16:00
Weak Convergence Methods in Large Deviation Problems Amarjit Budhiraja (University of North Carolina) Wed, 16 October 2019, 14:00
Recent developments in large N Chern-Simons-matter theories Naveen Prabhakar (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai) Fri, 11 October 2019, 14:30
Subchromatic Tensor Models Shiroman Prakash (Dayalbagh Educational Institute) Wed, 09 October 2019, 16:00
Why clouds don't fall down Rama Govindarajan (ICTS-TIFR, Bangalore) Fri, 04 October 2019, 15:00
Reconciling N = 4 black hole degeneracies from localization and microscopics Abhiram Kidambi (TU Wien, Austria) Fri, 04 October 2019, 14:30
On controlled generation of emergent magnetic states in artificial spin ice systems Pintu Das (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi) Thu, 26 September 2019, 15:30
Quantum Spin Liquid in Frustrated Magnets Animesh Nanda (ICTS-TIFR, Bangalore) Fri, 20 September 2019, 11:15
BTZ Dynamics and Chaos Rohan Poojary (Chennai Mathematical Institute) Thu, 19 September 2019, 16:00
The classical double copy in Anti-de Sitter spacetimes Siddharth G Prabhu (ICTS – TIFR, Bangalore) Wed, 18 September 2019, 15:00