For international participants 

  • Visa: Please ensure that you have a valid visa for your trip to India. You may contact the office (Visitor/ Program) for further details.
  • Vaccinations: Check with your doctor whether you need any! 
  • Medical Insurance: Check for appropriate medical insurance. 


Logistic and local hospitality

Accommodation will be provided at the ICTS guesthouse (Phone number: +91 80 4653 6400 / +91 80 6730 6400)

Please note that ICTS is on the outskirts of the Bengaluru city. ICTS campus coordinates are available here
Local transport

  • By train/ bus: Visitors arriving by train / bus may arrive at the IISc campus (opposite JRD Tata Memorial Library - in the parking lot: coordinates. Please visit - How to reach IISc. There is a frequent shuttle service of the Centre which connects the campus to the IISc, NCBS and RRI. The schedule is available here 
  • By air: Visitors arriving at the Bengaluru International Airport (also referred to as Kempegowda International Airport) may contact M/s. Akbar Travels Desk at the airport upon arrival and inform them you have to visit ICTS. They will arrange a cab for you, for which you need to pay about INR 1600 (~ USD 25) when you reach ICTS. Alternatively, you can board the KIAS bus from airport (schedule) and get down at Mekhri circle and reach IISc which is about three kilometers, and then you can board the ICTS shuttle which runs between IISC and ICTS. Contact us on +91 80 6730 6000/6041 or +91 80 4653 6000/6041 if you face any difficulties.

    Please keep a copy of your travel tickets and boarding passes in case you are eligible for reimbursement from ICTS and contact the visitor's / program office once you are on campus. 

The visitor / program office will share the logistic information before your arrival.  Please contact the respective office in case you need any help (+91 80 6730 6000 / +91 80 4653 6000).


ICTS facilities

Internet access
ICTS has wifi connectivity all over the campus. Please contact the visitor’s office after your arrival.

Canteen timings (on all days)

Breakfast 8.00 hrs to 9.30 hrs
Morning tea 10.00 hrs to 11.00 hrs
Lunch 12.45 hrs. to 14.00 hrs
Evening tea 15.30 hrs to 16.30 hrs
Dinner 19.00 hrs to 20.30 hrs


Important contact numbers

ICTS Reception +91 80 6730 6000 / +91 80 4653 6000 
Main Security +91 80 6730 6100 / +91 80 4653 6100
Electrical Help +91 80 6730 6200 / +91 80 4653 6200
IT Help +91 80 6730 6300 / +91 80 4653 6300
Guest House +91 80 6730 6400 / +91 80 4653 6400
Medical Centre +91 80 6730 6102 / +91 80 4653 6102


ICTS Campus Map


Other facilities at ICTS

  • There is a Central Bank of India ATM in the campus near the canteen.
  • Cycling
    • You may borrow a bicycle to explore the surroundings of the ICTS campus. Please contact the security officer in the security block near the main entrance gate for this.
    • Please collect your helmet and cycling route map.
    • Do not leave your bicycle unattended.
    • Be cautious of animals including snakes, especially during evenings.
    • In case of any emergency, please call the security block at +91 80 6730 6100 / +91 80 4653 6100.
    • As ICTS is located in the outskirts, exploring the surroundings after sunset is not considered safe.

      Coordinates for easy navigation:
      ICTS campus coordinatesIISc coordinatesHessarghatta Lake coordinates

  • Child Care Facility (CCF)


ICTS Activities
ICTS organizes events regularly at its campus.  Please click the below links for the respective event:


ICTS in Social Media


About Bangalore

Bangalore is a major city in southern India and the capital of the state of Karnataka. The city is a major scientific centre in India, and hosts several scientific institutions of national and international importance.

The city is also known for its uniformly pleasant weather.

The city is within driving distance of several centres of historical and cultural importance, including Hoysala Temples (Belur, Halebidu and Sharavanbelagola). Bangalore is about 140 km from Mysore which was the capital city of several more recent ruling dynasties, including Tipu Sultan who mounted one of the early resistances against the British rule in India. Mysore also hosts the important Sringeri Sarada Peetha which was established during the Hindu reform of the 8th CE. Somanathpura is one of the finest and most complete examples of Hoysala architecture and is in on the way to Mysore city. Other interesting places to visit are Hampi (approximately 350 km from ICTS), Wonderla.


Weather in Bangalore is generally pleasant. Please click here for details.


Getting around the City -Visit
For your travel within the city, you can choose to take shuttles from ICTS to IISc, NCBS or JNCASR as per your convenience and then take post-paid taxi services from there. The taxi operators will have basic air conditioned cars, all equipped with tracking devices to ensure safety and transparency.  Some of the taxi services are listed below:

Buzz in Bangalore during the program days:
For events planned in the various locations of Bangalore, you may Google search :