The International Centre for Theoretical Sciences (ICTS-TIFR) and the Centre for Applicable Mathematics (TIFR-CAM) jointly invites applications for doctoral research in Applied and Computational Mathematics. ICTS is a novel institution with a three-pronged mandate: to conduct world-class research in theoretical sciences, to provide a platform to organize various visitor-driven programs for the benefit of the wider scientific community, and to spread scientific temper and the spirit of inquiry through public outreach activities. CAM on the other hand, located about 10 km from ICTS, is a unique applied mathematics institute in India known for its interdisciplinary research and a highly competitive graduate program. Students enrolled in this joint PhD program will enjoy the benefits of being part of the vibrant academic environment at two TIFR Centres in Bengaluru. 


The Applied and Computational Mathematics PhD program has research priorities on the following themes: mathematical modeling of climate-ocean-atmosphere processes, compressible flows, numerical methods for partial differential equations, and the application of machine learning and AI in these disciplines. Students with a strong background in computational research, based on semester or year long thesis work or projects completed under a mentor are especially encouraged to apply for this program.