International Centre for Theoretical Sciences, Bengaluru
Area of Research:  Fluid Dynamics
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Group Alumni, PhD

  1. Rahul Chajwa: Driven Stokesian suspensions: particle anisotropy, effective inertia and transient growth. Co-advisors: Narayanan Menon and Sriram Ramaswamy, 2021
    Present affiliation: Stanford University, Postdoctoral Fellow
  2. Ritabrata Thakur: Nonlinear Instability and Turbulence Suppression in Stratified Flows, 2020
    Present affiliation: University of Michigan, Postdoctoral Fellow
  3. Sumit Birwa: Solid-solid collisions through fluid medium. Thesis submitted. Co-advisor: Narayanan Menon, 2019
    Present affiliation: University of Cambridge, Postdoctoral Fellow
  4. Erich Essmann: Chaotic dynamics of solid-fluid systems. At the University of Edinburgh. First advisor: Prashant Valluri, 2019
    Present affiliation: University of Edinburgh
  5. S Ganga Prasath: Mechanics of filaments and spherical particles: role of elasticity and hydrodynamic interaction. Co-advisor: Narayanan Menon, 2019
    Present affiliation: Harvard University, Postdoctoral Fellow
  6. Ravichandran Sivaramakrishnan: The Interplay of Buoyancy, Particle Inertia, and Phase Change in Vortical Flows—Implications for Cloud-flows **This thesis won Honourable Mention, 2017
    Present affiliation: Nordita, Stockholm, Postdoctoral Fellow
  7. Sharath Jose: Stratification and rotation effects on plane shear flow stability and transition, 2016
    Present affiliation: ICTS-TIFR, Postdoctoral Fellow
  8. Mamta Raju Jotkar: Effects of wall-geometry on the stability of channel flow, and of variable properties on film flow, 2016
    Present affiliation: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Marie-Curie post-doctoral fellow
  9. Manoj Tripathi: Multiphase flows with evaporation. Co-advisor: Kirti Sahu, registered at IIT Hyderabad., 2013
    Present affiliation: IISER Bhopal, Faculty member
  10. Divya Venkataraman: Drag reduction by surface-coating of cilia on airfoils. Co-advisor: Alessandro Bottaro, registered in the University of Genova, 2013
    Present affiliation: ICT Mumbai, UGC-FRP Asst Prof 
  11. Sumesh P Thampi: Statics and Dynamics of Drops on Solid Surfaces: Theory and Simulations. **This thesis won the Best Thesis Award, 2012
    Present affiliation: IIT Madras Chennai, Faculty member
  12. Anubhab Roy: Singular Eigenfunctions in Hydrodynamic Stability : The Roles of Rotation, Stratification and Elasticity. Co-advisor: Ganesh Subramanian, 2012
    Present affiliation: IIT Madras Chennai, Faculty member
  13. Ratul Dasgupta:  A computational and semi-analytical study of laminar, standing hydraulic jumps, 2011
    Present affiliation: IIT Bombay, Mumbai, Faculty member
  14. Harish N Dixit: Some studies on vortices with density stratification, 2011
    Present affiliation: IIT Hyderabad, Faculty member
  15. Gayathri Swaminathan: Global stability studies of some spatially developing flows, 2011
    Present affiliation: AIRBUS Industries, Scientist.
  16. Vinod Narayanan: Stability and transition in boundary layers: effect of transverse curvature and pressure gradient, 2006
    Present affiliation: IIT Gandhinagar, Faculty member
  17. Kirti Chandra Sahu: Novel stability problems in pipe flows, 2006
    Present affiliation: IIT Hyderabad, Faculty member
  18. A. Sameen:Stability of plane channel flow with vis­cosity stratification. Co-advisor: ON Ramesh, registered at IISc, 2005
    Present affiliation: IIT Madras, Chen­nai, Faculty member


Present PhD students:

  1. Anup Kumar Gupta
    Thesis area: Stokesian hydrodynamics 
  2. Saumav Kapoor 
    Thesis area: Helicity in stratified flow
  3. Davide Masiello (registered at the University of Edinburgh, first advisor: Prashant Valluri)
    Thesis area: Bubble collapse
  4. Divya Jagannathan (co-advisor: Vishal Vasan)
    Thesis area: Interaction of solid bodies in viscous media
  5. Mukesh Singh Raghav (co-advisor: Amit Apte)
    Thesis area: Atmosphere fluid mechanics 
  6. Rashmi Ramadugu (main advisor: Prasad Perlekar)
    Thesis area: Bubbles and interfaces in turbulence 
  7. Andrew Boyd (registered at the University of Edinburgh, first advisor: Prashant Valluri, minor advisor:Rama Govindarajan)
    Thesis area: Dynamics of ellipsoids in fluid

Post-doctoral mentees


Past (with present affiliation):

  • Yogesh Prasaad Madras Sethuraman
  • Priyanka Maity (TU Ilmenau, postdoc)
  • Jason Picardo (Faculty member, IIT Bombay, Mumbai)
  • Adway Mitra (Faculty member, IIT Kharagpur)
  • P Deepu (Faculty member, IIT Patna)
  • Amol Marathe (Faculty member, BITS Pilani)
  • Vishwanath Shastry (Faculty member, NITK Surathkal)
  • Soumyajit Mukherjee (Faculty member, IIT Bombay)
  • Rajeswari Seshadri (Faculty member, Pondicherry Central University)

Shorter term postdoctoral mentees: Tapan Naskar, Gaurav Sharma, Gaurav Tomar, Ashwin Vaidya.

MS Theses supervised

  1. Ross Laird: Sedimentation in viscosity stratified fluid (University of Edinburgh), 2020
  2. Anirban Sinha: Baroclinic instabilities in shear flows (Co-advisor: Jai Sukhatme), 2013
  3. Rohith Swaminathan: Merger of multiple vortices, 2012
  4. Srikanth Toppaladoddi: Vortex shedding patterns, their competition, and chaos in flow past inline oscillating rectangular cylinders, 2011
  5. Rahul Bale: Transient growth in stratified channel flow, 2009
  6. Kaushik Srinivasan: Direct numerical simulation of transition in unstably strati­fied Poiseuille flow, 2007
  7. Pinaki Bhattacharyya: A linear stability analysis of the spatially-developing incom­pressible plane laminar mixing layer using minimal composite theory (co-advisor: R. Narasimha), 2007
  8. Antina Ghosh: Simulation of nano-scale flows by molecular dynamics meth­ods (co-advisor: Srikanth Sastry), 2007
  9. Kirti Chandra Sahu: Numerical computation of spatially developing flows by full­ multigrid technique, 2003


Short term students (one year/ summer)

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