PEOPLE Postdoctoral Fellow (Former)
Université Côte d’Azur
Area of Research:  Turbulence and Fluid Mechanics


2019: PhD (cum laude) in Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Applied Sciences, TU Delft, Netherlands (Thesis)
2014: MSc in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Fluid Mechanics, TU Delft, Netherlands
2012: B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering, VIT University, Vellore

Current research:

Active Turbulence

I am working on understanding certain aspects of "Active Turbulence", which is an intriguing new class of emergent phenomena found in active fluids like bacterial swarms. We are trying to unravel the chaotic aspects of these flows, and ask what about them is truly turbulent? And how does Nature harness this hydrodynamics for essential biological functions like foraging and survival?





(Particle trajectories in active turbulence. See also movie.)

Vorticity Knots

Another topic I'm working on is the evolution of vorticity-knots in turbulence. Knots are highly specialized configurations of the vorticity field, with additional conserved topological aspects (like Helicity), that are relevant for diverse fields ranging from superfluids to plasma turbulence. How these Helicity conserving structures untie in the presence of viscosity, and how they interact with the energy cascade, are all questions that will further our understanding of the turbulence process.

In general, I am also interested in nonlinear dynamics, particle laden and multiphase flows, geophysical flows and the identification of structures in fields. You can see some movies from this research on my Youtube page.

Parallel pursuits:

Apart from research, I am a photographer deeply interested in street photography (which involves long hours spent chasing the light and the decisive moment) and analogue techniques (long hours in the dark). You can see some of this work in my Portfolio or Instagram.

I also make (and teach) Algorithmic/Generative Art, which you can find here and on Instagram.



Find me on Google Scholar

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