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Activities in Outreach, and for the promotion of Women in Science (since 2014)

  • Speaker in Cosmic-Zoom, ICTS Virtual Exhibition, April 2021.

  • Speaker in Vigyan Adda,  April 2021.

  • Panelist on She-Inspires, Women’s Day Celebration, IIT Delhi, March 2021.

  • Speaker in Rendezvous, UM-DAE-CEBS, March 2021.

  • Panelist on Empowerment of Women, IIT Delhi Alumni Day-cum-Fest, Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, IIT Delhi, December 2020.

  • Popular Science Lecture (online), IIT Alumni Centre Bengaluru, June 2020.

  • Popular Science Lecture in Sawaal-Jawaab, a Science Café run for the general public by TIFR Hyderabad in the Birla Science Centre Hyderabad, February 2020.

  • Being featured in a non-fiction book for children of age 9+ (by Shweta Taneja)

  • Conducted, along with science fiction writer Anil Menon, a workshop on “Water on Mars” as a part of "Submerge": the exhibition-season on water by Science Gallery Bengaluru, 15-28 year-olds, December 2019.

  • Conducted a session for undergraduate students from various institutions in India on “How to ask science questions and do science”, Azim Premji University, December 2019.

  • Featured in a book on 31 Women Scientists of India by Nandita Jayaraj and Ashima Freidog, 2019, Link

  • Appeared in a short movie by Google to encourage women to pursue STEM, 2018. Link

  • Featured in photo exhibition “Celebrating Indian Women in Science: An Incredible Journey” by the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India, March 2019. Link

  • Mentoring a woman student under Dr Reddy’s Foundation, since 2018.

  • Appeared in a calendar on Indian Women in Science, Link

  • Lecture to school children in the Seminar on Advances in Science & Technology, Rotary Club, Bengaluru, Jun 2018.​

  • Held an interactive session in the University of Edinburgh at the INSPIRE Summer School organised in association with the Engineering Development Trust, a nationwide education charity providing opportunities for young people, particularly girls, in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), June 2018.

  • Addressing the Gender Gap in Physics, ICTS March 2018. Moderator.

  • Science while Female: First Anna Mani Gender Equity Lecture, Astronomical Society of India, NCRA Pune, April 2016.

  • Panelist in Tides 2016, A Summit of Women Leaders, NITK Surathkal, Sep 2016.

  • Colloquium on Women in Science, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Hyderabad, 2016.

  • Co-taught an Introductory Physics course for Social Science Undergraduates at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Hyderabad. Autumn 2015.

  • Lecture on Work-Life Balance, Ilensys Technologies, Hyderabad, October 2015.

  • Lecture on “How to write a science paper” in the University of Hyderabad. Mar 2015.

  • Panelist at the Women in Science Session, Dynamics Days Asia Pacific, IIT Madras, July 2014.

  • Speaker at “R& D initiatives for Women Scientists and Technologists’’ Engineering Staff College of India, Hyderabad February 2014. Advising a large number of women scientists on how to stay relevant in research, how to write a research proposal, etc.