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Aneil Agrawal

Vaishali Katju

Lindi Wahl

Guy Sella

 First lecture: Gillespie, Population genetics: a concise guide, section 5.2 and chapter 6 
- Sella & Barton, Ann Rev Gen Hum G, 2019 - this is a review about many of the topics I'll talk about.

Second lecture: Simons et al. PLoS Biol 2018 

For the tutorial and first part of the 3rd lecture - all about SNP heritability:
Yang et al. Nat Gen, 2010
Shi et al. AJHG, 2016
Hou et al. Nat Gen, 2019

- Additional background for the 2nd part of the 3rd lecture and maybe first part of 4th - about linked selection primarily in humans:
McVicker et al. PLoS Gen, 2009
Hernandez et al. Science 2011
Pritchard & di Rienzo, NRG, 2010
Elyashiv et al. PLoS Gen, 2016

Fifth lecture: - Hayward & Sella, BioRxiv, 2019 

Christian Schlötterer:

Barghi et al. (unpublished, attached) - LINK

Chris Marx

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