Discussion Meeting
Deeparnab Chakrabarty, Niloy Ganguly, Rajmohan Rajaraman and Ravi Sundaram
27 June 2016 to 01 July 2016
Madhava lecture hall, ICTS Bangalore

The two main goals of this Discussion Meeting are: 1. To explore the foundations of policy design for controlling epidemics, using a broad class of epidemic games on complex networks involving uncertainty in network information, temporal evolution and learning and 2. To gain a better understanding of information flow that could assist in elucidating the complex mechanisms that underlie a variety of human dynamics and organizations giving rise to the ongoing Cambrian-style explosion in online social media. It will bring together topics in mathematical epidemiology, game theory and multi-agent systems, discrete dynamical systems, complex networks and economics, and will present new connections and opportunities for collaboration to participants. Some of the specific technical issues we expect to be discussed include:

  • Behavioral and game theoretical models on epidemic dynamics
  • Design of interventions to control epidemics and policy planning
  • Co-evolution of epidemics, behavior and network structure
  • Evolutionary games in epidemics
  • Agent-based models of epidemics
  • Phase transitions and critical phenomena
  • Clustering and community formation  
  • Diffusion and spread of information
  • Synchronization and rendezvous
  • Structure and function of interdependent networks
  • Cascades and Shocks
  • Random walks
  • Contagion and influence
  • Chaos and nonlinear dynamics

Application deadline: 31 May, 2016

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