Sr. No Title Speaker Date Slides Videos
1 Many-body chaos in a glass: Classical to quantum and back again Sumilan Banerjee 08-06-2021 Slides  
2 An exactly solvable model of interacting electrons in a magnetic field. Sreejith G J 16-06-2021 Slides  
3 Renormalization group study of systems with quadratic band touching Subroto Mukerjee 07-07-2021 Slides  
4 Spin-Orbit Coupling and the consequent Novel phases in Correlated Iridates Sugata Ray 13-07-2021 Slides Videos
5 Zero-point fluctuation of vortices in a very weakly pinned amorphous MoGe thin film Pratap Raychaudhuri 20-07-2021   Videos
6 Towards A Unfied Description Of The Qunatum Hall Effects Ajit C Balram 03-08-2021 Slides  
7 Equilibration Of Fractional Qunatum Hall Edge Modes Biswajit Karmakar 10-08-2021   Videos
8 Dulmage-Mendelsohn Percolation Kedar Damle 17-08-2021 Slides Videos