Amol Dighe (TIFR, India), Rohini M Godbole (IISc, India) and Sreerup Raychaudhuri (TIFR, India)
02 January 2012 to 15 January 2012
Fountain Hotel, Mahabaleswar

The WHEPPs are a series of International Workshops on Particle Physics, with the main focus being on particle phenomenology and its relation to both formal theory and experiment. They are held every alternate year and constitute the most important international event in particle physics phenomenology which is held regularly in India. Every WHEPP has led to several international collaborations and publications. Many particle phenomenologists of note around the world have been participants in previous WHEPPs, and they have served as a nursery for Indian particle physicists right since their inception.

WHEPP-XII, which is also being organised as an ICTS programme, will be held at the densely wooded and pleasantly cool hill station at Mahabaleswar, about four hours drive from the international airport at Mumbai. The academic activity will take place over two weeks. The first week will be devoted to Cosmology,  Astroparticle Physics and Nonperturbative Methods in Strong Interaction Physics, while the second part will be devoted to Model Building, Collider Phenomenology, Neutrino Physics and B-Physics. All participants will be provided free accommodation at the picturesque and comfortable Fountain Hotel in Mahabaleswar. Participation will be only by invitation. There will be no registration fee.

Satellite meeting on "The Phase Diagram of QCD"

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