PEOPLE Faculty
International Centre for Theoretical Sciences, Bengaluru
Area of Research:  Partial Differential Equations, Nonlinear waves and Fluid Mechanics
  +91 80 4653 6350    
  vishalvasan  ictsresin

Academic Profile

  • Reader, ICTS TIFR 2015-Present
  • S. Chowla Research Assistant Professor, Pennsylvania State University 2012-2015
  • PhD, Applied Mathematics, University of Washington 2012
  • MS, Mechanical Engineering, Arizona State University 2007
  • BE, Mechanical Engineering, Anna University 2005

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Research Interests

My main interest is in partial differential equations and methods of constructing solutions to these equations. I use a mixture of analytical and numerical techniques in analyzing these equations. Frequently, I supplement these tools with experimental observations of the physical system in question. The kind of problems I am interested in range from more theoretical questions to very applied problems.

From an applications point of view, I focus mainly on the study of surface water waves.The mathematical study of water waves has been a fruitful exercise, revealing many new areas of research. Previously, I have worked on inverse problems associated with bathymetry detection in oceans and wave-height determination, physical modeling of wave systems, developing new means of solving the associated equations of motion and finding special solutions to these equations. Given the nature of the work I do, almost every mathematical tool may be useful and of course, the tools developed here are also useful elsewhere in other physical situations. Finally, I also conduct experiments in fluid mechanics that complement our mathematical investigations to both validate and refine our understanding.

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