PEOPLE Faculty
International Centre for Theoretical Sciences, Bengaluru
Area of Research:  Condensed Matter physics: Strongly correlated systems
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Academic Profile:

  • Post-Doctoral Fellow, Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden, Germany. (2014-2015)
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Toronto & McMaster University, Canada. (2011-2013)
  • PhD, Physics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India (2010)
  • MS, Physics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India (2007).
  • BSc, Physics, Presidency College, Kolkata, India. (2004).

    Research Interests:

    I am interested in quantum many-body physics. My current research focusses on :

    • Magnetism (Frustrated magnets, quantum spin liquids).
    • Topological phases of condensed matter.
    • Physics of transition metal oxides (Interplay of spin-orbit coupling and electron correlations).
    • Strongly correlated metals.

    Group Members:

    1. Adhip Agarwala, Postdoctoral Fellow
    2. Saurish Chakrabarty, Postdoctoral Fellow
    3. Animesh Nanda, Graduate Student
    4. Sushmita Singh, Masters Project Student (IISER-Pune)

    Ex members :

    1. Jyotirmoy Roy, Masters Project Student [Currently PhD student at University of Toronto]
    2. Naren Manjunath, Project Student [Currenly a PhD student in Univ. of Maryland]
    3. Kusum Dhochak, Postdoctoral fellow [Currently Assistant Professor at IISER, Bhopal] 
    4. Sambuddha Sanyal, Postdoctoral Fellow [Currently a postdoctoral Fellow at Columbia University, USA]



    1. Dynamics of a quantum spin liquid beyond integrability - The Kitaev-Heisenberg-Gamma model in an augmented parton mean-field theory, J. Knolle, Subhro Bhattacharjee, Roderich Moessner, arXiv:1801.03774 (2018)

    2. Light-cone spreading of perturbations and the butterfly effect in a classical spin chain, Avijit Das, Saurish Chakrabarty, Abhishek Dhar, Anupam Kundu, Roderich Moessner, Samriddhi Sankar Ray, Subhro Bhattacharjee, arXiv:1711.07505 (2017)

    3. Anomalous dispersion of microcavity trion-polaritons, S. Dhara, C. Chakraborty, K. M. Goodfellow, L. Qiu, T. A. O’Loughlin, G. W. Wicks, Subhro Bhattacharjee  A. N. Vamivakas, Nature Physics, October (2017)

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