08 June 2021

ICTS-TIFR faculty member Manas Kulkarni and his collaborator from Rutgers University, Jedediah Pixley have been selected for a Rutgers Global International Collaborative Research Grant. The aim of the grant is to develop a formal pipeline between Rutgers University and institutions around the world for collaborative research that makes a significant contribution to advancing a particular field of study.

Kulkarni and Pixley’s proposal was one of several in the Rutgers Global International Collaborative Research Grants Competition, among which a small number were successful. The proposals are selected because of their high research value, their ability to strengthen and sustain an institutional partnership between Rutgers and another institution, their interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary nature and the promise to use the funds to develop an initiative with long-term impact on one or more university units and/or lead to further external funding.

Kulkarni and Pixley aim to address open problems in quantum many-body physics in general and many-body systems localized far away from equilibrium in particular.