25 July 2019

If we neglect nurturing path-breaking ideas in basic sciences, we will not be able to radically innovate in the future”,

-Prof. Rajesh Gopakumar, Centre Director ICTS.

An alumnus of IIT-Kanpur, Prof.  Rajesh Gopakumar, Centre Director ICTS, was invited to deliver a talk at the pan-IIT Bay Area Leadership conference 2019, on 15 July 2019, at Santa Clara, CA, USA. In his presentation titled, ‘Blackholes, String Theory and Algorithms’, Prof. Gopakumar not only described how advances in science and technology had enabled scientists to image the blackhole in the M87 galaxy, but also spoke about the importance of promoting research in basic sciences in India, as well as ICTS’s potential to grow as a world-class research center and make significant contributions to global science.

Click here to view slides and the complete video of this talk.