PEOPLE Faculty
International Centre for Theoretical Sciences, Bengaluru
Area of Research:  Quantum Field Theory and String Theory
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  rajeshgopakumar  ictsresin

Academic Profile:
Rajesh Gopakumar did his undergraduation in Physics from IIT-Kanpur and went on to do his Ph.d. at Princeton Univeristy. After a postdoc at Harvard University he moved to Harish-Chandra Research Institute in 2001 as Associate Professor and then Professor. He was also a visiting long-term member at the Insitute for Advanced Study, Princeton from 2001-2004. He is the recipient of the Wick Prize of the ICTP (2006), the S.S. Bhatnagar Award (2009) and the Swarnajayanthi Fellowship (2006). He is also a Fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences, the Indian National Science Academy and the Global Young Academy.  

Research Interests:
My interests are in theoretical physics, primarily at the intersection of quantum field theory and string theory. I would like to understand why string theory is a natural framework for describing a variety of phenomena. In particular, my recent research has focussed on deciphering the AdS/CFT correspondence. I have also worked on topological string theory, non-commmutative field theories often with the recurring, unifying theme of understanding the large N limit of gauge theories.