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The schedule of ICTS courses for Aug - Nov 2017 are given below:

      1. Quantum Mechanics II (Core)

Instructor: Suvrat Raju

Venue: Emmy Noether Seminar Room, ICTS Campus, Bangalore

Meeting Time: Tuesday & Thursday: 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
(Meeting times are subject to change. If this clashes with some other class or commitment, please try and come to the first lecture so that we can decide on a time that is convenient for everyone then.)

First Class: Friday (2:30 pm), August 4, 2017

Description: This is a core course covering some fundamental concepts in quantum mechanics. We will discuss some simple linear algebra, Hilbert spaces, the Heisenberg and Schrodinger pictures, discrete symmetries, continuous symmetries with a focus on the theory of angular momentum, perturbation theory, identical particles and some elements of scattering theory. If time permits, we will also discuss some selected topics from quantum information theory.

Textbook: The course will closely follow the textbook "Modern Quantum Mechanics" by Sakurai. Additional references, if required, will be provided in class.


      2. Statistical Physics II (Core)

Instructor: Anupam Kundu

Venue: Emmy Noether Seminar Room, ICTS Campus, Bangalore

Meeting Time: Wednesday: 11:00 am - 12:30 pm & Friday: 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

First Class: Tuesday (3:30 pm), 8th August 2017

Course outline:


Thermodynamics & Probability
Formulation of Statistical Mechanics,
Gibbs distribution, Connection with thermodynamics,
Rules of Calculation 


Ideal gases, Magnet (classical)
Quantum statistical mechanics, ideal gases (quantum) 

Other examples: Harmonic crystals, Black body radiation, Diatomic molecules

Interacting gas

Exact models

Phase transitions: Criticality, Universality
Mean-field theory

Landau Ginzburg Theory
Correlations and fluctuations 

Renormalization Group theory
Kinetic theory of gases: BBGKY hierarchy,
The Boltzmann equation, H-Theorem and Irreversibility
Transport theory

*If time permits:

Random Processes: Markov Processes, 

Random walk, Brownian motion
Master equation, Fokker-Planck equation

Linear response theory


We will mainly follow :

  1. Statistical Physics of Particles, M. Kardar
  2. Statistical Mechanics, R. K. Pathria and P. D. Baule

Additional references:

  1. Statistical Physics, L.D. Landau and E. M. Lifshitz
  2. Statistical Mechanics, F. Schwabl
  3. Applications of Classical Physics, R. G. Blandford and Kip S. Thorne


      3. Classical Mechanics (Core)

Instructor: Samriddhi Sankar Ray

Venue: Emmy Noether Seminar Room, ICTS Campus, Bangalore

Meeting Time: Tuesday & Thursday: 1:45 pm - 3:15 pm

First Class: Tuesday (1:45 pm), 8th August 2017


  1. Recapitulation of Newton's laws and their implications
  2. Lagrangian Formulation:
    2a. Principle of least action
    2b. Noether's Theorem. Symmetries
    2c. Small Oscillations
  3. Rigid body motion
    3a. Euler Angles
    3b. Tops
  4. Hamiltonian formulation
    4a. Liouville's Theorem
    4b. Action-Angle variables
    4c. Hamilton-Jacobi
  5. Chaos theory and dynamical systems
    5a. KAM theorem.

Assignments: 7 or 8 in all. 40% weightage on final grade
Numerical Assignment: 1. 10% weightage on final grade
Mid-Semester Exam: early October. 20% weightage on final grade
End-Semester Exam: early December. 30% weightage on final grade


      4. Basics of Non-Equilibrium Physics (Elective)

Instructor:  Abhishek Dhar ​

Venue: ICTS Campus, Bangalore

Course contents

  1. Random walks
  2. Master equation approaches for l Markov processes
  3. Brownian motion, Langevin equations
  4. Microscopic derivation of Langevin equations
  5. Fokker Planck equations
  6. Linear response theory


     5. Classical Theory of Gauge Fields (Reading)

Instructor:  Loganayagam R​

Venue: ICTS Campus, Bangalore

Course contents: Please Click here