Talks and Titles:

Program Lectures:

1.  Joseph Samuel: The best of all possible worlds: A soap opera
2.  Rajaram Nityananda: Units and Dimensions
3.  Rajaram Nityananda: Fourier Transforms
4.  Supurna Sinha: Coupled Oscillators: Matrices 
5.  Kripa : Error Analysis
6.  Disha : How to Solve it ? a la Polya
7.  Joseph Samuel: Symmetries and Physical Laws

General Talk Titles:

1. Quantum Science and Technology with ultra-cold Atoms - Sanjukta Roy

2. A Journey in Archaeomaterials Research - S. Sharada

3. Perspectives in Math and Art - Supurna Sinha

4. How do shampoos, lotions and clays flow when pushed?- Ranjini Bandyopadhyay 

5. Making materials on the computer - Shobhana Narasimhan 

6. Patterns and Order in Randomness - Abhishek Dhar

7. How is quantum information localized in quantum gravity - Suvrat Raju