Rajesh Gopakumar (ICTS)
17 June 2016, 14:30 to 16:30
Madhava Lecture Hall, ICTS, Bengaluru

A Special scientific event following the recent LIGO discovery of binary black holes 

Electromagnetic observations have provided evidence of astrophysical black holes over the last several decades. Recently, gravitational wave observations by LIGO have provided yet another means of observing these remarkable objects. Following the LIGO’s announcement of its detection of gravitational waves from a second binary black hole system, ICTS is organizing a special scientific event. 

Renowned astrophysicist Ramesh Narayan (Thomas Dudley Cabot Professor of the Natural Sciences, Harvard University) will give a broad overview of the astrophysics of black holes. This colloquium will be followed by shorter talks on LIGO’s recent discoveries and their implications for our understanding of the astrophysics and Einstein’s theory of General Relativity by Parameswaran Ajith (Faculty member in Physics, ICTS) and Nathan K. Johnson-McDaniel (Airbus prize postdoctoral fellow, ICTS). 

The event will be followed by high tea at 16:30 HRS IST. All are invited. 



Time Speaker Topic
14:30 - 15:30 Ramesh Narayan (Harvard University) Black Hole Astrophysics [Slides, Video]
15:40 - 16:00 Parameswaran Ajith (ICTS) LIGO Observations of Binary Black Holes  [Slides, Video]
16:00 - 16:30  Nathan K. Johnson-McDaniel (ICTS) Properties and Implications of LIGO’s First Crop of Binary Black Holes [Slides, Videos, Inspiral and merger of binary black hole GW151226]


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