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Past Discussion Meetings
22 September 2013 to 23 September 2013
ICTS, Bangalore
This meeting which is ICTS-IISc joint program will discuss recent progress on the black-hole information paradox, and the question of whether AdS/CFT can provide a useful description of the interior...more
  • Organizers: 
    Pallab Basu, Suvrat Raju and Spenta Wadia
  • Contact:  pallabbasu  ictsresin
22 July 2013 to 24 July 2013
ICTS-TIFR, IISc Campus, Bangalore
Sequencing across species and across individuals is proceeding at a pace that far outstrips the capabilities of today’s computer technologies. Indeed, while genomic data are quadrupling every year,...more
  • Organizers: 
    Vijay Chandru, Ravi K. Iyer, Gene Robinson, R.K. Shyamasundar and Spenta Wadia
  • Contact:  wadia  theorytifrresin
16 April 2013, 09:00 to 15:30
ICTS-TIFR, IISc Campus, Bangalore
ICTS is organizing a one-day workshop to celebrate and discuss the recent results in Cosmology from the Planck mission. Planck is a space observatory of the European Space Agency and is designed to...more
  • Organizers: 
    Parameswaran Ajith and Archisman Ghosh
  • Contact:  ajith  ictsresin
22 January 2013 to 26 January 2013
Faculty Hall (the first Ramanujan lecture) and ICTS-TIFR (rest of the talks and meeting), IISc
This meeting is being organized as a part of the activities related to the "Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013". The scientific themes of the Ramanujan Lectures by Prof. Majda will be modelling of wave...more
  • Organizers: 
    Amit Apte, G. S. Bhat, Andrew Majda, Ravi Nanjundiah, Roddam Narasimha, K. R. Sreenivasan, J. Srinivasan and Jai Sukhatme
  • Contact:  cctm2013icts  gmailcom
07 January 2013 to 09 January 2013
Lecture Hall AG 69,TIFR, Mumbai
This three day discussion meeting on String theory will focus on five areas 1) The exact counting of black hole entropy. 2) The black hole information paradox. 3) AdS/CMT. 4) Hydrodynamics and...more
  • Organizers: 
    Shiraz Minwalla and Sandip Trivedi
  • Contact:  shirazminwala  gmailcom
19 December 2012 to 21 December 2012
Auditorium, New Physical Sciences Building, IISc
Quantum computation is one of the most fundamental and important research topics today, from both theoretical and experimental perspectives. A fault tolerant computation scheme, such as that...more
  • Organizers: 
    Arindam Ghosh and Krishnendu Sengupta
  • Contact:  ghosharindam99  gmailcom
24 September 2012 to 28 September 2012
ICTS-TIFR, IISc Campus, Bangalore
Scattering amplitudes play a pivotal role in quantum field theory as they are used to extract experimental predictions from theory. In order to explain the experimental data from the Large Hadron...more
  • Organizers: 
    Sujay Ashok, Suvrat Raju and Aninda Sinha
  • Contact:  program  ictsresin
01 July 2012 to 03 July 2012
Ellaa Suites, Gachibowli, Hyderbad
Plasmonics with its proven role in sensing, surface-enhanced spectroscopy and energy transfer is fast evolving into a vast field with much broader scope heralding unprecedented applications. Recent...more
  • Organizers: 
    G. S. Agarwal, Jyotishman Dasgupta, S. Dutta Gupta, P. Anantha Lakshmi, Sushil Mujumdar, S. S. Prabhu, Suneel Singh and Achanta Venu Gopal
  • Contact:  metain2012  gmailcom