Upcoming Discussion Meetings
05 June 2017 to 09 June 2017
Ramanujan Lecture Hall, ICTS Bangalore
DARK MATTER AND THE SEARCH FOR PHYSICS BEYOND THE STANDARD MODEL "Darkness is your candle. Your boundaries are your quest."- Jalal-ud-din Rumi of Balkh (1207 - 1273) High energy Physics today has, in...more
  • Organizers: 
    Gautam Bhattacharyya, Amol Dighe, Sreerup Raychaudhuri and Seema Sharma
  • Application deadline:  15 May 2017
  • Contact:  candark  ictsresin
07 August 2017 to 11 August 2017
Ramanujan Lecture Hall, ICTS Bangalore
Stochastic Thermodynamics and Active Systems are areas in statistical physics which have recently attracted a lot of attention and many interesting results have emerged in these areas. Stochastic...more
  • Organizers: 
    Abhishek Dhar, Rajesh Ganapathy, Vijaykumar Krishnamurthy and Sriram Ramaswamy
  • Application deadline:  31 May 2017
  • Contact:  stads2017  ictsresin
27 November 2017 to 30 November 2017
Ramanujan Lecture Hall, ICTS Bangalore
The focus of this discussion meeting will be geometric aspects of the representation spaces of surface groups into semi-simple Lie groups. Classical Teichmüller theory may be viewed as a starting...more
  • Organizers: 
    Siddhartha Gadgil, Krishnendu Gongopadhyay, Subhojoy Gupta and Mahan Mj
  • Application deadline:  31 July 2017
  • Contact:  sggs2017  ictsresin
20 January 2018 to 25 January 2018
Ramanujan Lecture Hall, ICTS, Bangalore
The study of turbulent fluid flow has always been of immense scientific appeal to engineers, physicists and mathematicians because it plays an important role across a plethora of known phenomena,...more
  • Organizers: 
    Rama Govindarajan and Shravan Hanasoge
  • Contact:  program  ictsresin