Special Event
Aswin Balasubramanian (Rutgers University, USA), Indranil Biswas (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India), Jacques Distler (The University of Texas at Austin, USA), Chris Elliott (University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA) and Pranav Pandit (ICTS-TIFR, India)
12 July 2021
On Zoom

M. S. Narasimhan (1932-2021) and C. S. Seshadri (1932-2020) were doyens of Indian Science who placed Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) on the mathematical map of the world in the early days of independent India. Together with their students, they played an important role in the establishing and maintaining of various institutions to support mathematical research in India.

Their work in studying moduli of vector and principal bundles was pioneering and has played a foundational role in the modern development of algebraic geometry. Their subsequent works touched upon a wide variety of subjects at the intersection of geometry and representation theory. In many cases, their work also had deep connections to theoretical physics through, for example, the mathematics of gauge theories, conformal field theories and string theory.

This special event, which is a part of the Quantum Fields, Geometry and Representation Theory 2021 program, is held to honor and celebrate their work. 


Vikraman Balaji (Chennai Mathematical Institute, India)
Jacques Hurtubise (McGill University, Canada)
Shrawan Kumar (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA)
Edward Witten (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, USA)

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