Tanvi Jain (Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi)
Date & Time
Thu, 04 August 2022, 12:00 to 13:30
Online Seminar

For every 2n×2n real positive definite matrix A there exists a symplectic matrix M such that A = M^T D M, where D is an n × n positive diagonal matrix. The diagonal entries of D are called the symplectic eigenvalues of A. We will talk about the relevance of symplectic eigenvalues in quantum information theory and discuss some recent results on them.

ICTS Math-Phys seminar is a virtual seminar at the intersection of mathematics (geometry, algebra, representation theory, higher categories, TQFT, ...) and theoretical physics (QFT, string theory, condensed matter, ...). The purpose of this series is to bring together mathematicians and physicists around topics of common interest and foster interdisciplinary discussions..

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