Semanti Dutta (The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai)
Date & Time
Wed, 08 June 2022, 15:00 to 16:00
Online and Madhava Lecture Hall

AdS/CFT gives the idea of interpreting the scale of a theory as an extra dimension. This comes under the scheme of Holographic RG- where RG transformation of the boundary CFT corresponds to the radial evolution of the bulk. Other way around, one can start solely from the RG equation of the boundary theory to derive predictions of AdS/CFT. In this talk, we will discuss this connection between Exact RG and Holographic RG with focus on the derivation of leading order terms in gauge boson action in the bulk from Polchinski's RG equation for the conserved current in the boundary. This will be based on the following paper,  with B. Sathiapalan and P. Dharanipragada.

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