Siva Athreya


 Survival of the contact process on the Hierarchical group

Upinder Bhalla

Cellular logic, moving molecules, and the emergence of identity


Manjul Bhargava


 Counting problems in number theory


Amol Dighe

Particle astrophysics of neutrinos

 Particle astrophysics of neutrinos


Micheal Green

Some dualities of string theory amplitudes

 Some dualities of string theory amplitudes


Chandrashekhar Khare


 Modular forms and Galois Theory


Yamuna Krishnan


 Wires, Reporters and Information Capsules: Cellular Journalism with  DNA


Lyman Page


 Constraining models of the early universe with the CMB  ----  CANCELED


Jaikumar Radhakrishnan


 Some randomness, some memory and some error


C. S. Rajan


 Spectrum and Arithmetics


C. N. R. Rao




K. Sandeep


 Concentration phenomenon in semilinear elliptic problems


Sriram Shastry


 Extremely Correlated Quantum Liquids; Coping with Projected Electrons


Ashoke Sen