V. Borkar (TIFR, India), G. Rangarajan (IISc, India) and P. N. Srikanth (TIFR-CAM, India)
01 January 2010 to 03 January 2010
Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore

This is a sateliite meeting of ICTS Inaugural Event.

The Workshop on New Directions in Applied Mathematics will focus on highlighting some novel themes in applied mathematics that have dominated the applied mathematics landscape in recent years and are only beginning to take roots in the Indian mathematical community. Unlike the classical strands of applied mathematics that were dominated by continuum mechanics, numerical o.d.e. and p.d.e., etc., the newer developments have been spurred by recent developments in natural sciences, notably statistical mechanics and chemical dynamics, unique computational problems introduced by very large data sets, as well as problems arising from engineering disciplines of communications and computer science that are defining the tenor of the future through revolutions such as the internet. These have not only hrown open new issues, but whole new paradigms, spawning entirely new subject areas. To mention a few, complex systems, random graphs, analysis in very large dimensional spaces, and so on. The Workshop will bring together some of the leading researchers in these frontiers to give a bird's eye view of their respective specialties and a roadmap for the future. It is hoped that this will spur some young Indian applied mathematicians to venture into such uncharted territories that have a lot of intellectual adventures to offer.

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