Parameswaran Ajith (ICTS-TIFR, India), K. G. Arun (CMI, India), Bala Iyer (RRI, India) and Luis Lehner (Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Canada)
10 June 2013 to 05 July 2013
ICTS-TIFR, IISc Campus, Bangalore

Numerical relativity deals with solving Einstein's field equations using supercomputers. Numerical relativity is an essential tool for the accurate modeling of a wide class of astrophysical phenomena, such as the collapse of massive stars (producing supernova explosions), merger of black holes or neutron stars (potentially producing gamma-ray bursts) and accreting black holes (in X-ray binaries or in galactic centers). Such high-energy astrophysical phenomena are prime targets for the upcoming gravitational-wave-, electromagnetic- and neutrino observatories. 

This four-week long ICTS program includes a summer school on numerical relativity and a workshop on three interface areas (analytical relativity and gravitational-wave astronomy, neutrino physics, and high-energy astrophysics) of numerical relativity. This program aspires to develop an active Indian research community in this emerging research frontier by training students in the area and linking Indian research groups working on related areas to international numerical-relativity groups.

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