Amit Apte (TIFR-CAM, India), Vivek Borkar (TIFR, India), Vijay Chandru (Strand Life Sciences, India), Ravi Kannan (Microsoft Research Labs,India), Ravi S. Nanjundiah (IISc, India), Roddam Narasimha (JNCASER, India) and J. Srinivasan (IISc, India)
02 February 2011 to 11 February 2011
Jawaharlal Nehru Center for Advanced Scientific Research

This meeting is an ICTS program on a topic of immense contemporary importance, the use of massive data-sets and computations for scientific explorations. The main aim is to bring together experts working on scientific questions using vast amounts of observational, experimental, and/or numerical data, along with experts working on the mathematical and computer-scientific aspects of storing, curing, accessing, visualising, and analysing such large data-sets.

The meeting will consist of keynote lectures, research talks, a public lecture, and a pedagogical workshop component which will include hands-on computational laboratories. It is hoped that both the keynote and research talks will outline the important problems in their respective areas, discuss how data based discovery is leading to significant contributions in resolving these problems, point the way to future avenues for research, and be accessible to a wide section of scientists from the following fields that will be represented at the meeting.

1. Technology and Statistical Methods
2. Earth Sciences
3. Life and health sciences
4. High Energy Physics
5. Astronomy
6. Materials Science and Chemistry

Participation: Please visit the "Register" page from the link above and submit the "Application Form" in order to apply for participation.

Note: selected participants will be given financial support for local hospitality in Bangalore for the duration of the meeting, as well as travel support as per norms (train or flight).

datasci2011  gmailcom