PEOPLE Associates (Former)
TIFR, Mumbai

Research Interests:
Srinivas joined the TIFR, Mumbai as a Visiting Fellow in January, 1983. He was appointed as a Fellow at TIFR in August, 1983, and has been working there since then, currently as a Senior Professor. He had several PhD students, is an editor of some journals, notably Mathematische Annalen, is a Member-at-large of the  Executive Committee of the International Mathemaitcal Union. He has served on  various national Committees, and was involved in aspects of the organisation of the International Congress of Mathematicians, held in Hyderabad in 2010, where he was also an invited speaker. He has received several awards, including the INSA Medal for Young Scientists (1987), the Birla Award for Math. Sci. (1995), the Swarnajayanthi Fellowship of the DST (1998), the Bhatnagar Award (2003), the J.C. Bose Fellowship of the DST (2008), and the TWAS Mathematics Prize (2008). He is a Fellow of the Indian Academy of Science (Bangalore),and of the INSA.

Srinivas has worked mainly in algebraic geometry. One of his abiding interests has been the study of algebraic cycles on singular algebraic varieties. Other themes in his work are on the interface with commutative algebra, for example, on projective modules, divisor class groups, unique factorization domains, and Hilbert functions and multiplicity. He has also worked on aspects of positive characteristic algebraic geometry. An important work of his, not on any of the above themes, is the solution of Zariski’s problem (Riemann-Roch problem for surfaces), obtained together with Cutkosky.