PEOPLE Adjunct Professor (Former)
Fermilab, Stanford University, USA
Area of Research:  Particle, Plasma and Beam Physics, Particle Colliders, Synchrotron Radiation Sources, Free Electron Lasers, Quantum Sensors, Cavity QED and Atomic Interferometers


Distinguished Scientist Emeritus, Fermilab

Adjunct Professor of Photon Science, SLAC/Stanford University

Faculty Affiliate/Guest Senior Scientist, LBNL/UC Berkeley

Honorary Scientific Associate, CERN

Research Interest:

  • Quantum Sensors: techniques to explore the "dark sector" of nature: 'dark matter' and 'dark energy': cavity QED and atomic interferometers
  • Nonlinear Dynamics
  • Particle Colliders and Free Electron Lasers
  • Physics of charged particle and photon beams; nonlinear beam electrodynamics, coherent instabilities; phase-space cooling techniques; 'quantum degenerate' beams
  • Novel Plasma Wakefield particle acceleration techniques 
  • Investigation of the fundamental constituents and forces in nature and structure and function of 'complex' materials