PEOPLE Associates (Former)


Manoj Gopalkrishnan received a B. Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Kharagpur in 2003, and a Ph. D. in Computer Science from the University of Southern California in 2008. He is a recipient of the Ramanujan fellowship from the Department of Science and Technology, and has held a visiting position in the department of mathematics at Duke university. He is a faculty member with TIFR, Mumbai and TIFR Hyderabad.

Research Interests:

Chemical reaction networks, molecular computation, and the thermodynamics of computation.

Molecular biologists have amassed much information about the biochemical reaction
networks that occur in living cells. It is likely that the dynamics of such reaction networks are crucial to the complexity and self-organization exhibited by living systems. Manoj hopes to use the mathematical insight gained from work on chemical reaction networks to study this complexity and self-organization.

Some of his other interests are cognition, scientific method, computational learning theory, evolution, algorithms, computational complexity theory, quantum computing, algebraic geometry, and category theory.