PEOPLE Associates (Former)
Simons Centre for the Study of Living Machine, NCBS-TIFR, Bengaluru
Area of Research:  Theoretical Condensed Matter, Biological Physics

Research Interests:
Hard Matter (Material Science)
1. Martensites
2. Brittility and Ductility

Soft Matter (Complex Fluids)
1. Single Component Lipid Membranes: Equilibrium Shapes, Shape Transitions
2. Two-Component Lipid Membranes: Equilibrium Shapes and Dynamics Physics in

1. Endocytic Sorting in Eukaryotic Cells
2. Structure of Rafts
3. Active Membranes: Pumps, Fission/Fusion, Flip/Flop
4. Elasticity and Dynamics of DNA

Dynamics Far From Equilibrium
1. Phase Ordering of Isotropic Magnets with Torque
2. Driven Magnets - Steady States with Broken Symmetry and Goldstone Modes
3. Approach to Equilibrium in Many Body systems --- Chaos

Other Interests
1. Skyrmions in Quantum Hall Systems: Crystal