PEOPLE Postdoctoral Fellow
International Centre for Theoretical Sciences, Bengaluru
Area of Research:  Gravitational wave data analysis and parameter inference, Black hole physics, Tests of general relativity using gravitational waves
  +91 80 4653 6173    
G 103
  krishnendunv  ictsresin

My research focus is gravitational waves from compact binary systems. The main topics of my interest include tests of the black hole nature of compact objects through gravitational-wave observations, tests of the general theory of relativity using gravitational-wave observations, inferring the intrinsic parameters of black hole binaries from gravitational-wave measurements, and understanding the internal structure of non-black hole compact objects from gravitational-wave observations. I am also interested in studying the accuracy requirements of gravitational waveform models in future detections.

Before joining ICTS, I was a post-doc/junior scientist at the Binary Merger Observations and Numerical Relativity group at AEI Hannover I did my Ph.D. at the Chennai Mathematical Institute, Chennai, India from 2014-2019 under the guidance of Prof. K. G. Arun. My Ph.D. thesis title is Testing the binary black hole nature of compact binary mergers using gravitational-wave observations.