PEOPLE Associates (Former)
TIFR, Mumbai

Academic Profile:

I finished my M. Sc at IIT Kanpur in 1984. Since 1984, I have been at Tifr,  got my Phd in 1992. I spent  the years 1994-96 as a postdoc at McGill University, Montreal. I have collaborated with K. Guruprasad, M. Ram Murty, T. N. Venkatramana, Kirti Joshi, Chandrashekhar Khare, Dipendra Prasad, Najmuddin Fakhruddin,  U. Anandavaradhanan, Vijay Patankar and my students Arati Khedekar and Chandrsheel Bhagwat.

Research Interests:
My basic areas of interest are arithmetic geometry, automorphic forms and representation theory.  Here are two questions that I am currently interested in: the first one is on a conjectural theme that the geometry associated to  canonical metrics (for example, the spectrum of Laplace type operators associated to the metric) on the complex points of a variety defined over a number field (for various embeddings of the number field into complex numbers) should determine the arithmetic of the variety and vice versa. 

In representation theory, I am interested in the arithmetic properties of characters of irreducible representations of a simple algebraic group, especially in knowing whether it is irreducible as an element in the ring of conjugacy invariant regular functions on the group.