PEOPLE Postdoctoral Fellow
ICTS-TIFR, Bengaluru
Area of Research:  Gravitational-Wave Physics and Astrophysics
  +91 80 4653 6165    
H 105
  anujmishra  ictsresin

Currently, my research focuses on gravitational wave (GW) physics and data analysis. I am particularly interested in the study and observational challenges of detecting atypical physical effects in GW signals, such as lensing, precession, eccentricity, deviations from general relativity (GR), and overlapping signals, as well as how noise artefacts can further complicate their detection. During my Ph.D., I have focused on studying wave-optics effects in the gravitational lensing of GWs, specifically microlensing. I am also involved in developing waveform models for more realistic microlensing scenarios beyond the isolated point-mass hypothesis. In the near future, I plan to learn numerical relativity.

When I am not immersed in my research, you might find me sipping a cup of tea/coffee, playing the piano/guitar, trekking, backpacking, or even cracking PJs.