PEOPLE Associates (Former)
Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru

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Research Interests:

Soft Condensed Matter:
1. Colloids, surfactant systems like lyotropic liquid crystals,micelles, membranes, vesicles, ferrofluids.
2. Experimental studies: Laser light scattering, Digital optical microscopy, SAXS and SANS, Coherent X-ray scattering, X-ray fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, Rheology.
3. Theoretical studies: Density functional theory, computer simulations- Monte-Carlo, Brownian dynamics and Molecular dynamics.


Solid State Physics:
1. Raman Scattering: Semiconductor superlattices, Fullerenes, Nanotubes, Graphene, strongly electron correlated oxides, Geometrically spin frustrated pyrochlores, nano - crystalline materials, bulk semiconductors, Raman scattering under ultra high pressure using diamond anvil cell.
2. Time resolved spectroscopy: Photon Control of ionic motion using femtosecond lasers-squeezed phonons, Nonlinear optical properties.
3. Brillouin Scattering: Semiconductors, Manganites, CDW systems, Pyrochlores, Nanotubes.
4. Transport: Fluid flow induced voltage generation in nanotubes.


Other Theoretical Studies:
1. Stochastic theory of spectral lineshapes
2. Hydrodynamic theory of non-equilibrium steady states.