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Kaapi with Kuriosity
Anura Kurpad (St John’s Medical College, Bengaluru)
4:00 pm to 5:30 pm Sunday, 28 March 2021
Livestream via the ICTS YouTube channel

Have you ever wondered how pundits come up with what a good diet is? How do they ‘know’ how much of a nutrient you should eat? Do we all require the same amount of food and nutrients? So, what questions should you be asking back? We will explore how this exercise was carried out for dietary protein, and how these figures enter into the health consciousness of doctors, nutritionists, dieticians and their patients. Finally, we will examine how our concept of nutrient and food requirements is changing the way we think about generating food through agriculture, horticulture and animal husbandry in India, and how to inform and create policies for food safety nets, and to feed our poorest children.

About the Speaker:-
Anura Kurpad is Professor of Physiology at St John’s Medical College. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (London), National Academy of Medical Sciences, International Union of Nutritional Sciences, and Margdarshi Fellow of the Wellcome Trust-DBT India Alliance. His interests are in human energy/protein and micronutrient metabolism. He is Associate Editor of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Co-Editor of the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition. He chairs the Scientific Advisory Group of the Nutrition Division of the ICMR and the ICMR Expert Committee on Nutrient Requirement of Indians. He is also a member of the National Technical Board of Nutrition of Niti Ayog.