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Kaapi with Kuriosity
Urbasi Sinha (Quantum Information and Computing (QuIC) laboratory at Raman Research Institute, Bengaluru)
4:00 pm to 6:00 pm Sunday, 25 February 2018
J. N. Planetarium, Sri T. Chowdaiah Road, High Grounds, Bangalore

Quantum mechanics is a cornerstone of modern physics. Just as the 19th century was called the Machine Age and the 20th century the Information Age, the 21st century promises to go down in history as the Quantum Age. In this talk, I will discuss key properties of quantum systems called Quantum Superposition and Quantum Entanglement. I will discuss the world of single and entangled photons and also discuss ongoing work towards quantum technology in our Quantum Information and Computing lab at the Raman Research Institute, Bengaluru.

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