The International Centre for Theoretical Sciences (ICTS) of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) seeks applications from candidates with outstanding academic records for one or more faculty positions at junior and senior levels.  

Please submit your application material in the links given below along with your research proposal. The research proposal is an important document in the faculty selection process. It outlines the main research projects the candidate plans to take up in her/ his early years as an independent faculty member. For candidates who are invited for job visits, it will be shared with the committees involved and also with external experts in the area of the candidate. It will be evaluated on the importance of the questions being asked, and their novelty and feasibility.

There is no specified maximum length, but most candidates write 6-8 pages, on 2-3 future problems.

Of course it is understood that in the course of their research, a faculty member may find exciting things to work on besides what is in the proposal, and so this is not considered binding in any sense.

Applications are welcome from persons of all nationalities.   


Physical Biology


About ICTS-TIFR: Founded in 2007, ICTS is a multi and interdisciplinary centre that brings together scientists - physicists, mathematicians, biologists - from all over the world under one roof to solve the most challenging questions posed by nature, to discover the underlying structures across the sciences, and to strive for the unity of knowledge. ICTS endeavors to develop into a hub of scientific activity in the Indian subcontinent, and a centre for world-class research. ICTS also hopes to stimulate and harness the young minds of India and connect with members of the public who are interested in the latest developments of scientific research. The new campus for ICTS provides a modern and well-equipped work environment including state-of-the-art computing and networking infrastructure, conference and lecture halls equipped with high-end audio-video equipment, and a modern library. It has a guesthouse and a housing complex as well as healthcare, childcare, and recreational facilities for members and visitors.

For more information, please visit www.icts.res.in or send an email to facultysearch@icts.res.in