06 June 2017

Integrated Ph.D.

  1. Mr. Aswin Parayil Mana
  2. Mr. Atharv Deokule
  3. Mr. Atma Anand
  4. Mr. Mukesh Kumar Singh
  5. Mr. Rishabh Mallik
  6. Mr. Samudra Sur
  7. Mr. Shashank Roy
  8. Mr. Shubham Singh
  9. Mr. Subhajit Sutradhar
  10. Mr. Sumit Banik
  11. Mr. Vijay Kumar


  1. Mr. B Ashok
  2. Mr. Bhawik Jani
  3. Mr. Hare Krishna
  4. Mr. Nisarg Bhatt
  5. Mr. Pratik Nandy
  6. Mr. Puspendu Hazra
  7. Mr. Saiyad Ashanujjaman
  8. Mr. Satyanu Bhadra
  9. Mr. Sayantan Ghosh
  10. Mr. Soummyadip Basak
  11. Mr. Trakshu Sharma

Reporting Time- 9:30 am

You are required to bring all original certificates (along with one set of copies) of  your academic qualifications, experience, date of birth, JEST/ GATE/ UGC NET score card, ID proof etc., for verification.

Note: There will be an additional shuttle service at 8:40 am from IISc (Parking lot in front of Library) tomorrow to ICTS.