05 March 2024

Ritwik Mukherjee has been awarded the pan-TIFR Sarojini Damodaran International Student Travel Fellowship. In addition, he has been selected for the Visiting Doctoral Student Program of the Academy of Complex Systems of Université Côte d’Azur. He will use this opportunity for a collaborative visit to Nice and Cambridge for over three months.

Ritwik conducts his graduate studies with Professor Samriddhi Sankar Ray. He thinks it is an excellent opportunity for him, along with his collaborators, to “investigate solutions to the fractional Navier-Stokes equation — with the standard Laplacian dissipation term replaced by a generalized dissipative operator of fractional order.”

Explaining further, he said, “Recent mathematical findings indicate that ‘phase transitions’ occur as the Laplacian order varies. Our goal is to use dynamical systems, statistical physics, closure models, etc., to comprehend these phase transitions in the system, and their relevance to real turbulence.”

ICTS extends its warm congratulations to Ritwik and wishes him continued success in research.


Photo Credit: Santhiya P S