14 September 2021

ICTS faculty member Samriddhi Sankar Ray, postdoctoral fellow Siddhartha Mukherjee and PhD student Rahul K. Singh’s work (in collaboration with Martin James), titled Anomalous Diffusion and Levy Walks Distinguish Active from Inertial Turbulence, was highlighted as Editors’ Suggestion in Physical Review Letters. The work has also been featured in the APS Physics Magazine.

Dense suspensions of bacteria form an intriguing class of non-equilibrium systems displaying a novel spatio-temporally chaotic behaviour called active turbulence. By using a hydrodynamic description of the bacterial flow, Mukherjee and collaborators have shown that in the collective, and when highly active, these microorganisms give up on their meandering ways, walk the straight and narrow, and super-diffuse. This work also brings into focus how far analogies between high Reynolds inertial, classical turbulence can be pushed when understanding the behaviour of low Reynolds number active flows.