31 March 2021

On 28 March 2021, ICTS launched the virtual exhibition 'CosmicZoom.' This takes visitors for a trip through the Cosmos -- both through the smallest and largest scales in the Universe. The exhibition is designed to engage with a wide range of visitors -- starting from school children to university students.

Cosmic Zoom is planned as a curtain-raiser for a proposed ‘Bengaluru Science Habba’ -- a science festival for Bengaluru that is being conceived by a consortium of academic research institutions in Bengaluru.

“CosmicZoom is a very innovative response by an ICTS team of scientists, designers and science communicators for an online interactive engagement with the public,” says Professor Rajesh Gopakumar, the director of ICTS.  “The theme of the exhibition is meant to evoke wonder that, through science, we are able to probe phenomena so removed from our immediate perception. In the process, we learn about the amazing interconnections across different distance scales and its importance to us.”

The exhibition also features a number of events, hosting several vibrant scientists sharing the excitement of their science with the audience in interactive and engaging sessions. These include lectures, interactive sessions with labs and observatories, book reading sessions, workshops for children, film screenings, and conversations with researchers. These events will cover a wide range of topics, including astronomy, particle physics, quantum phenomena, cell biology, forests, search for extraterrestrial life, toys, climate, insects, marine life and ecology. These events also showcase the outstanding research performed by Indian scientists.

The exhibition is curated by a team of scientists, science communicators and artists from ICTS with the help of several scientists across the country. “We have tried to give the visitor a sense of the vastness of the Universe, starting from the smallest things, going all the way up to the largest,” says Professor Ajith Parameswaran, an astrophysicist at ICTS and the curator of this exhibition. “Visitors will also find surprising connections between the micro and macros worlds, like quantum physics and the Universe, and dung beetles and the galaxy!”

Guided tours to the virtual exhibition are also available. School/college/citizen groups can contact the organizers for arranging a guided tour. More information on the exhibition is available on the webpage of the exhibition, or on their social media pages on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Media contact:

Berty Ashley

Communication Coordinator, Cosmic Zoom


Tel: 95000 43194