01 February 2022

ICTS faculty members Anupam Kundu and Samriddhi Sankar Ray were awarded the SERB-Core Research Grants (SERB-CRG).

Anupam works on understanding statistical properties of equilibrium and non-equilibrium systems. The SERB-CRG will support his new project titled ‘Non-Local Description of Anomalous Heat Transport.’ This project aims to investigate the possibility of describing anomalous heat transport using non-local but linear response theory in contrast to Fourier’s law.

Samriddhi’s research interests are in turbulence, non-equilibrium statistical mechanics and fluid dynamics. The SERB-CRG will fund the investigations on the dynamics of discs and rods in a turbulent flow. This is particularly important because it forms the basis for understanding the configuration of ice crystals in high altitude clouds and their role in the greenhouse energy budget of our planet.

The SERB-CRG encourages emerging and eminent scientists in the field of science and engineering for ‘individual centric competitive mode of research funding.’