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Infosys-ICTS Chandrasekhar Lectures
Juan Maldacena (Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton, NJ)
Date & Time
24 May 2018, 09:30
Ramanujan Lecture Hall, ICTS Bangalore

Lecture 1:  May 22, 2018 Tuesday (4pm)

Title: Quantum mechanics and the geometry of spacetime.


Black holes are fascinating objects which pose interesting puzzles for quantum physics. Studying these puzzles we are led to quantum mechanical models that describe special black holes as seen from the outside. Extrapolating from these descriptions we are lead to the idea that entanglement can create geometric connections or wormholes. Moreover, quantum teleportation can be interpreted as travelling through the wormhole.

Lecture 2: May 23, 2018 Wednesday (9.30am)

Title: The SYK model and Ads2

Lecture 3: May 24, 2018 Thursday (9.30am)

Title: Making Traversible wormholes Understanding global AdS2


We will review the Sachdev Ye Kitaev model and describe how it shares some features with nearly extremal black holes.
We also describe the dynamics of nearly extremal black holes.
We will go over different physical phenomena, including chaos, quantum teleportation, etc, and their common manifestation in these two systems.

This lecture series is part of the discussion meeting "AdS/CFT at 20 and Beyond".