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Infosys-ICTS Chandrasekhar Lectures
Gian Giudice (CERN, Switzerland)
Date & Time
23 November 2022, 17:00 to 18:00
Ramanujan Lecture Hall

Title: Looking into the future of high-energy particle physics

Abstract: Particle physics is going through a period of change, in which theorists are exploring new ideas and experimentalists are planning new projects after the LHC. The status of particle physics and its future ambitions will be reviewed, with special emphasis on the high-energy collider programme.

Public lecture: Wednesday, 23 November

Technical lectures as part of the program "Particle Physics: Phenomena, Puzzles, Promises"

Lecture 1: Monday, 21 November
Lecture 2: Tuesday, 22 November


About the speaker:
Gian Francesco Giudice is a theoretical particle physicist based at CERN, in Switzerland. He worked at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, near Chicago, and at the University of Texas, in the group of Prof. S. Weinberg, before moving to CERN, where he is now Head of the Theoretical Physics Department. His research focuses on the formulation of new theories beyond the Standard Model of particle interactions and on their implications for the early history of our universe.