Cosmic zoom
Procheta Mallik (Scientist & Educationist, ThinkTac) and Lakshmi Jois (Educationist, ThinkTac)
Date & Time
02 April 2021, 10:30 to 12:00


ThinkTac is a Bangalore-based social enterprise, founded in 2017, whose mission is to empower every child to engage, enjoy and innovate with science as they learn. Over the years, ThinkTac has curated and created hundreds of hands-on science activities (called "TACtivities") that are mapped to a child's school science curriculum, or to an exciting science theme. In this demonstration, you will get to see a selection of these TACtivities that will not only pique your interest, but also make you go "wow" as you see colourful reactions, spinning and levitating toys and individual cells and pixels through a microscope, all of which can be built by anyone, with simple materials, sitting at home!

About The Speakers

Procheta Mallik graduated with Physics Honours, B.Sc. (University of New Hampshire) and completed his Ph.D. in Astronomy (University of Glasgow), followed by a year of post-doctoral research. Upon returning to India, Procheta pursued his passion in science education by doing astronomy popularisation activities for schools across Bangalore, before joining Innovation and Science Promotion Foundation (ISPF) at its inception in 2014. In 2017, he also co-founded the social enterprise, ThinkTac. Procheta is a Trustee of ISPF and the Principal Scientist at both organisations. He is an avid traveller, sports freak and classical musician.

Lakshmi Jois is an Engineering graduate in electronics and communications with an objective to help children understand concepts. She is a certified counsellor and a Life education teacher to help achieve her objective with a holistic approach. She has been associated with kids for the past 15 years conducting Robotics , Hands- on  science, Clay modelling and Life education classes.