Cosmic zoom
Uma Ramakrishnan (NCBS)
Date & Time
04 April 2021, 16:00 to 17:30


Like all other mammals, tigers have a single copy of their genome in every one of their cells. This DNA sequence uniquely characterises an individual. Over the last 15 years, researchers have used genetic information to study tigers. In this talk, Prof. Uma will discuss how DNA helps us understand tigers better. Further, she will discuss how such information can help in tiger conservation. She will be giving this talk live from Bandhavgarh tiger reserve, so you will get a flavour of tiger conservation research!

About The Speaker:

Uma Ramakrishnan is fascinated by unravelling the mysteries of nature using DNA as a tool. Along with her lab colleagues, she has spent the last fifteen years studying endangered species in India. She hopes such understanding will contribute to their conservation. Uma is a professor at the National Centre for Biological Sciences.