Format of the school:

The school will be organized into the following broadly defined themes. We will request the lecturers to make their slides and lecture notes available to the school participants.

Slides, lecture abstracts and reading materials can be found here.

School programme is here.

Main Topical Areas
  • Phenomenology of glassy systems and glass forming liquids
  • Polymer glasses
  • Structure, dynamics and response in liquids
  • Metallic glasses,  Chalcogenides
  • Mode coupling theory
  • Colloidal glasses
  • Kinetically constrained models
  • Jamming and granular materials
  • Dynamical heterogeneity
  • Rigidity percolation
  • Energy landscape approaches
  • Aging in glass systems
  • Random first order transition theory
  • Glass formability and suppression of nucleation
  • Density functional theory
  • Rheology near the glass transition
  • Free volume theories
  • Elasticity and plasticity
  • Structural changes in glasses
  • Failure modes in glasses
  • Spin glasses